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Rilo Kiley fans are great though.

They aren’t, though. Like, a Rilo Kiley fan is a Jenny Lewis fan/vice versa.¬†Every Rilo Kiley show I was ever at (four of them), 90% of the people there were miserable wastes of skin. I do know plenty of kind, wonderful Rilo Kiley/Jenny fans. All of my best friends are RK/Jenny fans. But the vast majority of them, out in the world, are huge assholes. To be clear you are very nice! You are! I’m not directing this at you!! But if there’s one thing 4 Rilo Kiley shows, 7 (maybe 8?) Jenny Lewis shows, and 4 Jenny and Johnny shows have taught me, it’s that the majority of people who go to see Jenny Lewis live (in any incarnation) only care about one thing: being physically near Jenny Lewis. And they will be rude to anyone who stands in the way of that, including and especially people who got in line before they did. (One of those Jenny shows was in Boston, too. So it’s not necessarily just San Francisco.)

Like, I know I’m coming across bitter, and I am a little bit, but that’s because I’ve never had a pleasant experience with the strangers at RK-related shows. They have always been insanely rude, and really the only thing that keeps me from not even bothering anymore is the fact that Jenny Lewis introduced me to Korinna Dennehey, and so I feel I have to make a point to see her whenever we’re in the same city. That’s just…the facts.

This is also why I left RKnet all those years ago: the people there were horrible. Over 2,000 forum members at the time, and I wanted to throw a fit over almost every single post simply because they were dumb and mean.

This Has Been A Long Rant About An UnImportant Subject.

TL;DR: Rasputina Fans are smelly.

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