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How Was Your Week: Episode 100
“One Hundred”: Tom Scharpling, Jesse Thorn

OH HAPPY DAY! It’s our 100th Episode!

This week, we’re letting down YOUR hair with the hundredth ever episode of HOW WAS YOUR WEEK. First, TOM SCHARPLING is here to talk to Julie about the landmark occasion, that gross pig in the Geico commercial, Stamps.com, and the only sausage you can find in the Miramax section of your grocery freezer.

Then, JESSE THORN is here to interview Julie about the show and its ins and outs! It’s a heady, pleasant chat that touches on the show’s origins and delves into the emotional journey only ethnic people can chart, why it is straight guys don’t get Bravo, and the theraputic benefits of broadcasting.

Also, thanks are doled out like so many cups of pre-school juiceboxes! And introspection is experienced. Happy Hundredth, gang! Onward and Upward.

Congratulations, Julie! Whee!!!

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    So excited about whatever this lady’s up to.
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    Congratulations, Julie! Whee!!!
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    Wow this is perfect. You’re all my heroes. Thanks Julie and thanks Spoony!
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    OH BOY, Julie and Jesse! Together again! My eyes are cartoon hearts.
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