imagedoug replied to your audio post: Thanks, Doug, for inspiring me to listen to this…

Everything from this era remains pretty golden!

I have insanely fond associations with the years 1995 and 1998. They are infalible as far as I’m concerned.

Well, I mean, not completely. But the stuff I love from those years is stuff I’m never gonna stop loving….

doug replied to your post: Dear Bearded Men Of America,

It was love at “No IPAs”


They all taste like soap and, I have recently learned, bring bad hangovers. Lose/lose.

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doug replied to your photoset: This is the general class of man who contacts me…

I can’t imagine how anyone could use the site and not feel worse about humanity.

It makes me very wary of everyone. I’m gonna die a virgin.

doug replied to your photo: I have to use three desks in Psych class because…

Just move to Canada already. We pay people well, we do have health care and our desks are tables. This is terrible.

Hey now, I ain’t no socialist! I’ll work for my left-handed desk like a real red-blooded ‘merican!

doug replied to your post: You guys, Alexis Bledel is 30 years old.

Really!? She still looks too young.

September 19, 1981.


doug replied to your post: If you can guess what number shandy I’m on I’ll make you a mixtape.

I say 7, but only because I’d be on 7

No, but that IS the number of slices of pizza I just ate. In approximately 20 minutes. :(

doug replied to your photo: GPOYW - Paraguayan Snacks Edition

It looks like donuts to me, and I sincerely hope there is a country where a snack is a bag of donuts.

I think they taste like cheese and herbs?

And there is a country where a snack is a bag of donuts. It’s called America.